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Yoga du cachemire 


according to the teaching of Jean Klein transmitted by Eric Baret


John Klein  Yoga
"There is only emptiness, there is only consciousness, this consciousness is expressed, extends into a space-time, creates a perception, without the consciousness being diminished, this object, this creation in a space-time, appears in consciousness, and is reabsorbed in consciousness. This emanation takes place in a space-time but consciousness is always free of the subject, it is in it that things appear and disappear, no perceived can exist without being perceived, the object has no reality in itself it always depends on consciousness.
Q.: As the physical weight disappears in the tactility? how the sensation of the muscle is reabsorbed into tactility?
JK: Yes, at that moment the object reabsorbs into consciousness, into your Presence."
John Klein

Eric Barret  Yoga 
Anything that could be said about this tradition would be an insult to it. It is the direct reflection of non-direction, the deep presentiment of having nothing to accomplish, that everything is already accomplished. Any codified formulation, any expression which singles out, which affirms, which conveys information, which teaches something, which asks for something is simply a reservoir of data; it is not part of what is called in the East a traditional gaze. Tradition must be freed from all its form. There is only listening, a listening that knows nothing, that expects nothing. There is only an innocent gaze, a gaze that does not allow itself to be confined. A tradition that asks a human being to do something would emphasize what being human is not, just as any emphasis on changing behavior or thinking would still only stimulate its distance.
A true tradition but the emphasis on the essential, on what is fundamental to being, on what is constant. What is constant in us? what is in us that is independent of psychological and physiological characteristics?



The joy of discovering that joy exists, that it is in us, just like life, without conditions and, therefore, that no condition, even the worst, can kill it.

Jacques Lusseyran

durée 1h30

une exploration sans but dans la découverte de ce qui se présente dans l'instant,  neuf à chaque fois

zoom et présentiel.  



Visual artist ( site )  and passionate about tactile exploration, I approached different schools of yoga, the thirst for silence led me quite naturally to the tantric yoga of cashmere, yoga of not wanting, of not doing.


cashmere yoga
I will quote my teacher and friend

Eric Barret.
“This yoga brings us to welcome life as it presents itself without the belief that a different situation could bring us “happiness”.
Freedom from suffering is not about eliminating our problematic situations from everyday life, but about seeing them without comment."

. Eric Barret


Chamunda, 12th c., Central India

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