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La pratique

Eric Baret

The start of the pose is done in meditation, pure observation and will put in unique relation the different centers of the subtle body which vibrate with each other according to an orchestration specific to each pose:
  .  The different points where the energy will be stored, blossomed or transferred will become conscious. Each pose requires not concentration, but proper attention to some of these energy points. When returning from the pose, the accumulated energies will be able to be released in the verticality and this ascent will burn our patterns of appropriation and knowledge.
The different sensory experiences that are revealed when the energies are awakened are reactions to contact with the joy that is revealed.
Before being able to practice the great poses, these seals of Consciousness, we must first explore the bodily sensation with half or quarter poses which will allow, without doing violence to our bodily limits or creating too much discomfort, to discover parts of the body particularly invaded by the personality.


In these encounters free from any traditionalism, the various prolongations of awakening of the subtle energies will be approached, the bodily exercises being only a pretext to feel tranquillity. This purification, through the free circulation of energies, sanctifies our structure. Their reintegration into verticality finds expression in all aspects of life.
This approach where the body is finally recognized as the breath of being, is part of the non-dualist line of Kashmiri Tantric Sivaism. The presentiment of our limitlessness must be investigated mentally and bodily. Kashmiri yoga is not a process of accomplishment but of celebration. In these extensions, the practice resonates in all levels of being and underlines what prevents us from living in harmony with the echo of freedom.
Exploration follows different particular modes for everyone, which in turn are embodied in all facets of life.



Let us evoke the free space in one's own body and in all directions at the same time. So for those who enjoy a thought free from duality everything becomes empty space
Vijnana Bhairava Tantra



Jean Klein 

"...le souffle conduit le mouvement-concentrez votre attention sur l'expiration, elle se fait très lentement et très profondément jusqu'à l'apnée-vivez cette vacuité; puis suit l'inspiration active et rapide par l'ouverture  des côtes  résultant de la paix, l'air s'engouffre dans cet espace intérieur. Ne lâchez jamais la parfois abdominale, ressentez-la comme formée d'une peau tendue et qui résonne comme celle d'un tambourin.Réalisez la posture ne vous impliquez pas, ne vos identifiez pas avec ce que vous vivez comme une douleur, Eliminez tout état musculaire, tout état réactif, écoutez votre souffle ...

Rendez votre corps transparent - percevez cette transparence.

Le corps est un concept lorsque vous y pensez mais dans sa nature originelle c'est un percept, vous le percevez c'est u objet de sensation.Il est alors dans une totale vacuité, sans aucun état préhensif. Dans cette vacance soyez attentif  à l'espace non localisé dans lequel il glisse, à son silence , à son écoute ."

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