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Enneagram sessions

what kind of critters are we  ? 

The enneagram is a tool that I favor and which allows us to know ourselves and understand the functioning of the other, without any form of romanticism. This one like a blade unveils our uncompromising fear-based survival robotics. 
The return to "home", going through the layers of our robotic personality to rediscover what has always been there, our true nature. From this discovery, a look is posed on our functioning of survival and those of the other, we become in a way the witness, which can only amuse us and play down all the situations of life. 

when we explore with the enneagram there is never an end because only movement exists and everything is always in question  seeing your fixation allows you to unveil the ego, and dive into this feeling, be careful not to be “proud” of this fixation, this is not the right job  but it's just the door that shows what you are not.

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Discover your personality matrix.

Unmask the ego, see who you really are...
The enneagram is a tool for compassion, for understanding others and for oneself. He considers the limits of the latter, as sources of teaching. What differentiates us from each other is the order in which certain qualities and limits predominate in us. They are organized in an original way, which makes us unique. The enneagram is an energy tool and it is through exercises based on feelings that we will explore our world. We will use breaths, movements, and sensory listening to key words, which define each matrix. The practice consists in making a kind of diagnosis of our psychic terrain, made up of different ego tendencies. The human is ruled by fear, he activates a robotic mode, a fixation that he uses like armor or a survival mask, leaving the risky beauty of his joy in the shadows. It is the person himself, who will become aware of his injury by awakening emotions, through the feeling of the body. "Nearest to tension is relaxation," says my Master, and that is what it is all about. This observation leads to a dedramatization. That said, nothing to change, beauty is found in the very place of this tension. And this
  which emerges gives us a look  humorous about ourselves and others.

In this the enneagram is a tool of acceptance of our environment.

  1. Discovering its type 
2. Identify this one from our feelings
  Understanding other types and their interactions


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